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  • National Docent Symposium 2019/Purpose - Professional Development( I am a Steering Committee member on the HOTEL and FUND RAISING Subcommittees, representing the NMAAHC. All attendees, even Steering Committee members, are responsible for their registration fees.  We also need to raise $120,000 to cover the balance of expenses after Registration funds.  This conference is unique in that previous conferences have had one/two major donors that sponsored the entire event. Being the Smithsonian, we have a different set up and have had to hire a fund raising consultant to help us raise the funds. My request: a) Sponsor attendance for NMAAHC Docents to attend/including me @ $480 x 5 = $2,400; b) Sponsor $120,000, or part of the balance.                                                                                                  Conference Description: Join us as we Capitalize on Experience, coming together to share our collective expertise so that we all may grow and improve in our craft and offer our visitors our very best. At about 400 volunteers strong, representing art, history and science institutions this year’s event will brim with new discoveries. Outside the conference rooms, you’ll find much to discover as well. From its rich heritage, unmatched cultural, historical and political institutions to the beauty of its architecture, gardens and green spaces you’ll leave D.C. feeling refreshed, recharged and ready to capitalize on your own experiences.

  • Local DC Campaign: I am running for Ward 2 * Advisory Neighborhood Commissioner * 2F-08 (representing approximately 2,000 residents in my Single-Member District/SMD).  My request: Sponsor campaign materials and postage for mailings = $1,500 (includes 3 mailings to registered voters in my SMD before Election Day, November 6)

  • GIGO GIRLS Literary Project: At the recommendation of a literary agent I met with in NYC, I am working with adolescent girls of color to update my popular Got It Goin' On-II: Power Tools for Girls! personal development handbook, the ANNIVERSARY EDITION (first came out in 2000;  My request: a) Sponsor final GIGO Girls Focus Groups (2) = $1,000 (includes gift cards; tee shirts; and handbooks); and/or b) Printing/promotion of GIGO-II: ANNIVERSARY EDITION (no cost yet).

  • Celebrating Nelson Mandela's 100th Birthday/Journey to South Africa: I have been asked to join a special delegation to South Africa for culminating celebratory activities in honor of Nelson Mandela's 100th birthday.  My request: Sponsor me = $6,500.  Trip Description: This voyage aims to showcase South African Culture to the world, by celebrating the life and legacy of a World Icon, Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela. To mark Nelson Mandela’s Centennial year, Merchantry Worldwide invites you on a journey to a vast country with widely varying landscapes, that has 11 official languages, as well as an equally diverse population. South Africa is one of the world's largest producers of gold and has the strongest economy in Africa, as well as being an influential player in African politics.

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