Meet Janice

Janice Ferebee, MSW, is an internationally recognized personal development speaker, author and global female empowerment expert, with a Master of Social Work from the University of Pennsylvania's School of Social Policy & Practice (SP2). She is the founder & Chief Woman Warrior (CWW) of Ferebee Enterprises International, LLC, a global female empowerment social enterprise.  With over 40 years' expertise, Janice has the distinction of being recognized by Oprah and ESSENCE Magazine for her award-winning GOT IT GOIN' ON® (GIGO) empowerment brand for girls of African descent, and, she was the first Models Editor of African descent for Seventeen Magazine. She is a Stage 2b fallopian tube cancer survivor blessed with almost 30 years of long-term recovery from drug and alcohol use.  She has turned her unique personal and professional life experiences into tools to help educators, parents, practitioners and leaders of girl-serving organizations, to empower Black girls to build confidence and cultural pride, and, develop personal action plans for their lives; AND, Black women, find their voices and create blueprints for their lives.  

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