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  • Cultural Competence & Social-Emotional Learning in Programming for Black Girls and Young Women

  • Effectively Serving Black Girls and Young Women

  • Professional Development for Educators, Leaders of Girl-Serving Organizations, Practitioners & Service Providers    

  • Starting an Empowerment/Leadership Program for Black Girls 

  • Supporting Black Women in the Workplace, Retirement and/or Re-entering Society           

Black women and girls are in CRISIS!  My experience as the first African American Models Editor for SEVENTEEN Magazine, 40 years ago, led me to believe females are one of the world's most precious natural treasures, yet,  everyday, Black women and girls face unique challenges that often threaten their survival and success.  Challenges that include bullying; lack of confidence and cultural pride; health disparities (addiction, cancer & obesity); media & social media exploitation; mental, emotional, physical and sexual abuse and harassment; trafficking; and, lack of hope, spiritual guidance and positive role models.  After 40 years as a "Street Warrior" for Black females, I made the decision to turn my unique personal and professional life experiences into tools to help women, and organizations and institutions that employ & serve them, find their voices and create blueprints for their lives; AND, parents, practitioners and leaders of girl-serving organizations, to empower girls to build confidence and cultural pride, and, develop personal action plans for their lives.  

If you are raising Black girls and/or serve Black women & girls, and need additional guidance and support to become a more effective leader, parent or practitioner - let me and my team help you make a more meaningful difference in their lives.


CONTACT me to discuss how I can help you prepare the women and girls in your life (whatever their shape, size or color/ethnic group), to become more peaceful, purposeful and powerful global citizens, equipped with tools to become changemakersdiplomatic leaders and WOMEN WARRIORS

If the topics listed above fail to meet your current needs, specific projects can be customized upon request.