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-- Dr. Johnnetta B. Cole

Anthropologist | Professor & College President | Museum Professional | Social Justice Activist

"I wish every girl in my country could have, hold, read, write in, interact with, learn from, and grow up with a Got It Goin’On-ll handbook that is in the language that she speaks. While being respectful of the particular community each girl is a part of, her Got It Goin’On-ll handbook would give her what she needs to be empowered. There is no magic wand that can make that happen. But what each of us grown-ups can do is to make sure that girls we know and love, have this modernized edition of Janice Ferebee’s book. It is a book that can serve as a flight manual to help girls soar to the height of their possibilities."

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"Empowering the Next Generation of  WOMEN WARRIORS

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