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"My AKA soror, Janice Ferebee, is on my heart this morning. She is a current African American leader * A History Maker. The body of work that she has created in behalf of the improvement of the self-esteem of girls (especially girls of color), is amazing. As I share about African American/Black history - I must mention her work."

- Dr. Glenda Clare, Behavioral Health Care Management Consultant

If you have a message for Janice, or, if you would like to invite her to speak at your next event, or collaborate/consult on your next project, please contact her at jferebee@janiceferebee.com. Please write “Speaking/Consulting Request” in the subject line and let her know the following:

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She can be reached at 202-213-5646.  Reporters, Producers & Bloggers: Please visit our Video Gallery.